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Mission of the Tennessee Chapter

Preservation and Breeding
A priority of the TN Chapter will be to find and record information pertaining to surviving American Chestnut Trees in Tennessee, particularly those that may be bearing nuts. Locating these mother trees will be critical to ensuring that genes of TN American Chestnut trees are included in the national breeding program for reintroduction in TN. Breeding activities will involve pollination of American Chestnut Trees in TN using pollen from blight-resistant hybrids according to the breeding program of TACF. It will also be the goal of the TN Chapter to preserve anecdotal information from individuals who remember the American Chestnut in Tennessee prior to and during the blight.

Education and Public Awareness
The TN Chapter will develop and support educational activities including displays, demonstrations, and meetings to raise public awareness of the TACF mission in Tennessee and to foster growth in membership and fundraising for projects associated with the reintroduction of the American Chestnut Tree to TN farms, forests, parks, and yards.

Membership and Fundraising

How can you help bring back chestnuts? Become a member of the TACF. Your membership fee of $40 will help support TACF efforts to develop blight resistant trees at Meadowview Research Farm. $15 of the fee is returned to the Tennessee Chapter for its breeding work and programs.

There are lots of opportunities to participate in Chapter activities. To find out more, contact Clint Neel at tcneel21@tntech.edu